Thinking through the final project

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the final project. My overall objective to is to present some information about two prolific deaf writers (writing between roughly 1880 and 1930).

The challenge here is to present information in a way that is clear without being boring. I’ve got a lot of text, some areas to link out to primary sources, and very few pictures. It will be easy for this to turn into blocks of text, so I’d like a design that guides the reader/visitor down the page and through the content.

I started with an organizational chart. I’m thinking that I’ll wind up with roughly seven discrete pages, though this may expand if I decide to chop the text up into several pages. The hierarchy should look something like this:

OutlineGiven the subject, I am considering referencing the form/layout of a newspaper as a sort of running theme on the site – but I’m worried it may be a bit too much. I’ve mocked it up here:

Final MockupI’d like to use rules to divide the text and recall a newspaper. As much as a newspaper-type font would work well for the headings, I’m hoping to use it sparingly.

Another of my challenges is color. The content and photos are largely black and white and gray. I’d like to spruce up the muted palette but I want to use a light hand. These are the colors I’m drawn to:

Color PaletteI’m considering now how color can be incorporated to support the content. And I’m interested in any feedback you guys would like to provide.


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