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  1. Jannelle–totally understand about the weather; friends from back home (Nebraska) were posting pictures yesterday on Facebook. I know that further west it was even worse. Glad you are safe.

    Very impressed by your work. I have a few specific comments, but first a general one–I really appreciate how in this assignment you used the various techniques as a means to an end, rather than an end themselves. All of your pictures use the assigned approach toward the goal of making the image more useful for historical study. That’s obviously the goal, but it’s clear to me that you are already “there”, whatever your own perception of your progress might be.

    Your work on matting * an engraving really uses the technique to good effect; while the original image was interested in the building in its street context as a more-or-less realistic street scene, your interest as a historian is in the structure itself, not it’s context, so you bring the building out from the engraving with clear, strong line and a clean background. Very useful for your research and future readers.

    The same goes for the cropping tool picture–the main object of interest for your research is the picture behind the alter, and you used cropping, re-sizing, and spot-cleaning to good effect.

    The restored picture and the vignette picture both demonstrate solid technical mastery, and from a presentation standpoint or a public history point of view they will be quite useful.

    Lastly, you did a great job with the colorization–the colors are well-chosen, attractive, and suitably hued. It’s easy to get TOO vibrant or bright; you demonstrate restraint and fidelity to the original image.

    All in all, this is great work, and you’ve presented it well. My only caveat on your assignment is that by presenting both images and THEN a caption describing both, the user cannot read the caption while looking at the before” image at the same time. However, that could just be a personal preference on my part; certainly it’s more important to be able to look at the “after” while reading about the techniques used. You allow the user to do so, so my objection is probably trivial.

    Congratulations, I really enjoyed your assignment.


    *I’m not sure if this is the correct usage, but so far no spellchecker has stopped me.

    1. Thanks for this great feedback, Kirk. Looking back at the webpage, I agree with your feedback regarding the organization of text. I went back and forth on how to structure it, but I agree I need to find a better way of posting it. Thanks for taking the time to look through it and for your comments!

  2. Great job on this assignment, Jannelle! I echo many of the points that Kirk commented on, and also agree that your use of Photoshop helps illustrate your topic of deaf history quite nicely.
    The restoration work on the damaged photo was implemented very successfully and skillfully. The colors you chose for the colorized image work wonderfully, and make me feel like I’m actually sitting in the grass with the Reverend and his wife.
    As for the site design, I might have chosen a sans-serif font for the text for easier reading, but overall I think it’s a great presentation. Great work!!

    1. April,

      Thanks for your feedback! I agree, I’m not sure the fonts work entirely. I wanted to create a thread between my type assignment in this one (in form and function) and the fonts were a carry over that may have worked better there. I’ll take another pass at it and see if I can come up with something that is more visually appealing.

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