The image is a layered scene of colored books on shelves. The photo was shot from between two shelves so that the books are layered into the distance. White text in the bottom left corner reads: digital portfolio

This page showcases digital work produced in conjunction with Creating History in New Media a course at George Mason University. Each of these projects can be found at the links on the left. The goal of this exercise is to develop content that demonstrates a wide range of skills..

Beginning with the typography page, visitors will be introduced to Christ United Methodist Church of the Deaf and the Whatcoat Mission. This page serves two purposes: it outlines the subject of my final web design project while also demonstrating some skill implementing web fonts, constructing aesthetic web design and writing clean CSS and HTML. Next, the image page allows for the integration (and manipulation) of historical images. Here, I will describe the process and procedures undertaken in preparing and modifying images for the web. The design page emphasizes overall theme and layout in an effort to reflect a historical topic and time period. The ambition is to convey additional meaning through presentation and composition.

The final project aims to combine all of the previous skills into a single package that carefully and concisely showcases historical research for an audience on the web.