Color, Design and Photoshop

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 5.44.44 PMMoab -roadMoab -Canyonlands Natl ParkI’m having a lot of fun playing with the tools and tricks described in this week’s reading! I’ve used photoshop before but it was fun to try out some new techniques. Above I used some images from a trip to Moab – both of them took a little editing and cleaning up but transforming images into text was new for me and I like the results.

Overall, the work this week has me thinking ahead to my final project. The images I’ll be using are largely black and white images – but many might need some enhancing in order for them to display well on the web. That means that color and layout will have to play a much bigger role in capturing visitor’s attention and directing their movement through the portfolio.

I found the tips this week on color selection and use to be really helpful. In the case of my site, the subject matter doesn’t necessarily lend itself to bright colors- religious history and segregation don’t really scream “lively colors”. But I’d also like to avoid a dark and dreary sensibility. In this case, I think the integration of natural, neutral tones will probably go a long way in creating interest without disrupting the flow of the site.

This week I commented on Ben’s Blog.

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