Photo Assignment : Man and a Cat

I spent some time on this assignment.

Cat and Man Original
The original image, provided by Dr. Petrik
Mysterious cat and man..
The image I modified: A mysterious cat and man..

So, he turned out a little.. intense. But in my mind the pair has a backstory and he and his cat are definitely doing some plotting in the photo.

Anyway, I cropped the image and made changes to the levels and curve.  I removed the edges and borders and cleaned up the spotting and scratches. I had to do a little reconstruction on the edges to create a nice rectangular image.. and to generate a knee entirely.

I commented on Beth, Beth, Paul and Ben‘s Blogs.

4 thoughts on “Photo Assignment : Man and a Cat”

  1. I like it! And I like your idea of a backstory; I picture him as an evil genius, stroking his cat while plotting something nefarious.

  2. Yes, this seems like his alibi photo purposely taken while the evil deed is being carried out. As always, your work here looks great. I am curious- what tools did you use to restore and clean up the background? particularly, the corners where it looks like you had to extend the background to fill in where you cropped out the matting? I used the patch tool and then tried to blend with the spot-healing brush and it looks very…manipulated? Yours, by contrast, transitions seamlessly.

    1. Beth,
      Ha. I love it! I totally see this as a book cover – The Cat-Man: A Story of Murder in Nineteenth Century New England.

      I spent a lot of time – I used the spot healing brush and the patch tool, but I laid down a base layer of color first using the paintbrush – I used the dropper tool to grab colors from the background (specifically colors that would work better) and I also toggled between sizes and brushes with the paint brush to layer in color, trying to mimic the effect of the existing background. Then I went back to the healing tool and worked from the center outward, drawing the background effect into the reconstructed areas. Again, it was a lot of work – and Beth is correct ( that sometimes you have to be strategic in the projects you take on – I would only put this much effort in on an image that was important to my overall project. It was a definite investment in time and energy.

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