New Deaf Digital Scholarship

My alma mater put up a digital timeline of Deaf History and…. it’s painful.

Maybe as a result of this class, but I find myself disappointed. I hate to be too critical, but this is so clunky. It’s great that so many of photographs that are generally hidden away in the archives are finally on display  – but there’s no…. substance? No connecting thread – other than chronology.   Even the search function on the bottom right, doesn’t pull up every item on the timeline pertaining to say.. Women. There’s no effort to interpret or to connect. This is frustrating because I know how much effort and energy went into producing something like this – I wish that it would have been taken to the next step. The items could be linked to pages that create a narrative or enable the viewer to explore more content pertaining to, say,  The Founding of Student Body Government in 1948. It could all be linked to the oral history archive already available online – encouraging people to engage with the content in new ways.

It’s a good step.. toward embracing digital means of communicating historical information.. but we need more.

2 thoughts on “New Deaf Digital Scholarship”

  1. Yeah, I can certainly understand the disappointment. As you know, I am also disappointed in the digital output of my alma mater. They are great ideas. They just need better execution.

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