2 thoughts on “Final Project”

  1. You see now why I was so eager to see yours last week, because I knew it would be this good. I think your colors work really well together and they work well with the black and white photos. The red? brown? accent color that you use, combined with the font choice, frames the pull quotes perfectly and makes them an interesting visual element on each of your pages. You have some really great photos in this site too, particularly those on the home and conclusion pages (and I like how these two pages contrast-the photos, marking the beginning and end of the story or the site.) If anything, maybe you could increase the font size on the navigation tabs by a pixel or two; the words are almost a bit blurry..could be the display on my unsophisticated PC though. I love the WhatCoats, Janelle.

  2. Jannelle,

    Looks great! The image on the home page really stands out and grabs the reader’s attention. The “Integration” and “Conclusion” image also looks great. I almost want you to make the other images more prominent on each page, but perhaps those visuals would overwhelm the text.
    I like how you positioned the vertical menus in line with the page titles. It mimics a newspaper.
    Your pull quotes are great- the border color pops on the page.
    The font or font color of the menu is hard to read. Perhaps make it bigger or change the font. It was also hard to make out the captions.
    Awesome job!

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